02 April 2014

Emergency, heartbeat increases

Emergency, heartbeat increases. 150/100 BP today. Almost died earlier in the mall after I drank a very cold water after soaking up under the burning hot heat of the Philippine summer sun!!! Went to see a doctor after. Prescribed hypertension meds. Doing okay now, resting, ate banana and pineapple. Learned that these fruits reduces high blood pressure. Thank God I'm still alive... again!!! He always picks me up when no one reaches out a hand for me to hold! o:-)

" It is amazing to see
  That You chose people like me Who get off track, fall, crashin' down to the ground
  But that's when You pick me up
  And show Your strength is enough "

-I Could Be The One, Stacie Orrico (2003)

02 March 2014

The Search Is Over

By Francis Lloyd Sauza

Finally found the skin care line that perfectly suits my ultra-sensitive skin: Dove Men + Care. Helps lessen my skin asthma. I've been looking for the perfect soap that will be compatible with my skin condition. But they all made my skin itchy and my skin asthma worse.

Dove Men + Care, YOU ARE a blessing to me. For someone like me that's born with atopic dermatitis finding the perfect soap is a lifetime challenge.

Indeed it's true that what you have been searching for was just right there beside you. Just like my search for the perfect skin care: Dove Men + Care ♥